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Retirement Planning

Achieving financial independence means having enough income at a point in time, to decide whether to work or not. When planning for your future, you need to consider the lifestyle you want when you retire and how you'll support it.

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How we work

As Independent Financial Advisers we are free to advise on a comprehensive range of issues and where required access products from the whole market.

Our typical client journey

Initial Discussion

This discussion will establish if we are able to help you with your financial planning needs. We will ask questions to clarify our understanding of your current situation. We will explain how we go about gathering the necessary information needed to assist you with making the correct financial decisions.

Assuming you like what you hear and we feel we can 'add value', we can arrange an initial meeting to take matters further.

Preparing for your initial meeting

At the end of the initial discussion we will give you a short questionnaire to complete and return to us together with the latest statements / valuations for any investments / pensions / life assurance policies you hold. When we receive this back from you we will contact you to arrange your initial meeting.

Initial Meeting

The initial meeting will be an opportunity for both parties to 'break the ice' and for you to find out what Coton Financial Management can do for you. We will discuss your financial requirements, aspirations and plans for the future. We will also explore your tolerance to investment risk and your full financial and family situation. As we go through the meeting we will also refer to the questionnaire and other documents you sent us prior to the meeting.

We will also cover our fees and answer any further questions you may have.

If we both like what we see and hear and want to go on to the next stage, we will seek your approval to be appointed as your financial adviser. That means you instruct us to begin work on preparing your personal plan to address your financial objectives and areas we agreed on at this meeting.

This meeting is held at our expense with no charge to you.

Research, Analysis and Strategy

Once we have your agreement to proceed we will commence our initial research and analysis.

We will gather information from your existing product providers if necessary with regards to any existing plans or policies which require reviewing as part of our advice process.

Once we have this information to hand we will undertake the process of thoroughly analysing your current position and research potential solutions for your needs.

We will then explain the options available to you and discuss your preferences at a strategy meeting.

Recommendation, Report and Implementation

Once we have agreed a strategy with you, we will produce a full Financial Planning Report giving you a clear picture of your current position and outline a clear researched recommendation for the solution we believe to be in your best interests, this will include if necessary the building of a portfolio tailored to your aims and objectives and within you desired risk tolerance.

We will arrange to meet up with you to discuss our recommendations in full and take you through our report step-by-step.

Once you feel that you are in a position to make a fully informed decision to proceed and you have given us your consent to do so, we will begin the process of implementing our recommendations. We will help you in completing all the relevant forms and ensure your applications are processed by the relevant investment houses and providers in a timely manner.

Ongoing Reviews

It is important to regularly review portfolios to ensure that they continue to meet your circumstances, aims and objectives. In most situations we will offer an annual face to face or telephone review where we will review your finances and the performance of your portfolio in relation to your specific situation. Throughout the course of the year we are available by telephone or email to answer any questions or queries that you might have.