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Retirement Planning

Achieving financial independence means having enough income at a point in time, to decide whether to work or not. When planning for your future, you need to consider the lifestyle you want when you retire and how you'll support it.

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How we are paid

You will always know our charges before you make a decision to proceed. We have a transparent charging structure, so that you can be sure we are working efficiently for your benefit.

Our charges are based upon the provision of our qualified and professional expertise, the time taken to analyse your circumstances and devise an appropriate strategy going forward and the design of a report to communicate this strategy to you.

Our Initial Adviser Charge

Initial Meeting At our expense - no charge to you
Discovery, Research, Analysis & Strategy £795

Plan Arrangement & Implementation


First £100,000 invested 2%
Amount over £100,000 invested 1%




Advice on your options with your pension funds of £150,000 on retirement:- £795 + 2% of £100,000 (£2,000) + 1% of £50,000 (£500) = £3,295

Advice on new/existing investments of £150,000:- £795 + 1% of £150,000 (£1,500) = £2,295

Our ongoing adviser charge

Up to 1% per annum of the value of the funds under our advice.


Funds under advice £250,000. Our ongoing adviser charge will be up to £2,500 per annum. Please note our ongoing charge will vary as the value of your portfolio fluctuates.

Your payment options

Our initial adviser charge can be paid on receipt of our invoice or deducted from your investment and paid by the product provider, if a product is implemented for you.

Our ongoing adviser charge is normally deducted from your investments/ pensions and paid monthly to us by the product provider(s) if we have implemented a product for you, alternatively you can pay us annually by cheque on receipt of our invoice.

Our adviser charges do not currently attract VAT, although this may change in the future.